February 18

Cinema Galeries, Theatre 2
Galerie de la Reine 26, 1000 Brussels

Free entry + pop corn. Reservation optional:
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All films English spoken or subtitled.
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Soulfinger vs Goldfinger (United States)
by Crazy Legs Conti
- Brussels Premiere -

It's an epic battle between Soulfinger (Denzel Washington) and Goldfinger (Al Pacino.)
Experimental Film // duration: 01:58

Bad Poetry Tokyo (Japan)
by Anshul Chauhan
- World Premiere -

A 30 Years old aspiring actress makes a living as a hostess at a shady club in Tokyo. Betrayed by her lover and her dreams crushed,broken woman leaves Tokyo for her hometown in the countryside after five years of no contact with her family. There she reconnects with an old flame but is also forced to confront some unpleasant truths about her past.
Narrative Feature Film // duration: 01:56:12