February 13

Cinema Galeries, Studio 3
Galerie de la Reine 26, 1000 Brussels

Free entry + popcorn. Reservation required:
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All films English spoken or subtitled.
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Citizens (Spain)
by Marc Nadal
- Benelux Premiere -

The lack of jobs leads citizens into an emergency situation that pits them against each other. In the face of violence and injustice citizens like Noe suffer from the absence of effective laws.
Narrative Short Film // duration: 14:30

Harm (Hungary) by Dénes Nagy

Harming means self-injuring. With a razor blade, a knife, a shard of glass. Harmers usually hide their scars from the outside world. What they do to themselves is not only kept secret from the world, but also from their close friends and relatives. Harm invites the audience into this world of mystery and understanding. It follows its emotionally capturing characters in the process of trying to overcome their psychological problems. They are ready to make a step forward in understanding themselves. They are ready to unfold their unsettled past with the risk of discovering dangerous things on the way.
Documentary Feature Film // duration: 52:00

Sherry (United States)
by Eliane Lima
- Benelux Premiere -

Sherry is an experimental documentary film which witnesses the private life of Robert, a 75 years old gentleman from Orange County. Every day, Robert transforms himself into a living doll, Sherry.
Experimental Film // duration: 23:38

Shelter (Austria)
by Daniel Andrew Wunderer
- Belgian Premiere -

A wanderer in the wasteland seeks shelter in an abandoned trailer, where he discovers the corpse of a boy with strange wounds...
Narrative Short Film // duration: 09:20

[O] (United Kingdom) by Mario Radev, Chiara Sgatti

[O] is a film that imitates nature in its manner of operation. The animation depicts cycles in a world entirely based on sound frequency and vibration.
Animated Short Film // duration: 06:34

Play Boys (Belgium) by Vincent Lynen

A movie about macho's, chicks, dogs, guns, cars and motorcycles
Belgian Competition // duration: 07:00

The Wayward Wind (United States) by Steve Delahoyde, Monica Thomas

With music by Carl Sondrol, The Wayward Wind uses movement and humor to turn the idea of the "rambling man" on its head.
Music Videos // duration: 03:37

149th and Grand Concourse (United States)
by Andy and Carolyn London
- Belgian Premiere -

From the team that brought you "The Lost Tribes of New York City" comes a new animated documentary. "149th and Grand Concourse" captures the diverse voices of the South Bronx against a backdrop of rapidly changing streets. An animated portrait of New York city life in flux.
Music Videos // duration: 03:13