February 11

Atomium (room Waterkeyn 2),
Atomiumsquare 1, 1020 Brussels

Free entry. Reservation optional:
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All films English spoken or subtitled.
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Heidi (Cuba) by Fatema Abdoolcarim

A novel filmmaker befriends a young Cuban girl on the cusp of womanhood. Fascinated by her expression of innocent girlhood pleasure—a pleasure that the filmmaker thinks she herself has outgrown—she attempts to make a film to capture it. But when she directs the girl to perform for the camera, the delight she is searching for is unseen. Just like the fleeting nature of cinema, the pleasures of youth fall apart when she attempts to film them. To capture what it is she is searching for, perhaps she must let the film simply unfold.
Documentary Short Film // duration: 07:08

Atentamente (Colombia) by Camila Rodríguez Triana

Atentamente is a film that, through the sensation of the time passing by and the presence of the death that wanders into a nursing home, allows us to feel the life through the illusion that love brings along. Libardo and Alba, a couple of elders who met each other at the nursing home where they live, they fall for, they become lovers and start to struggle in order to find fifty thousand pesos to rent a room for one night at a hotel so they can have a privacy moment, since at the nursing home where they live is not possible to have that. While struggling they must face each other, face their fears, their limitations, their pains, their time as well as their fragility so they can construct that moment in which they meet love. A struggle that seems to be easy, but for them is an odyssey against time, against their limitations and their own ghosts.
Documentary Feature Film // duration: 01:20:00

Delirio Azul (El Salvador) by Lourdes Sandoval

The surrealistic story of a cuple who are in a crutial moment. Filled with Blue, The feelings beggin to emerge and to fade in the immensity of loneliness.
Narrative Short Film // duration: 03:16

Drifting Away (Australia)
by Morteza Halimi
- European Premiere -

What it takes to let go and drift away.
Experimental Film // duration: 02:18

The Trumpet of Endeavor’s Commend Speech (China) by Wang Meiyu

At the trumpet of endeavor’s commend speech, they used artificial intelligence to represent the contemporary education.
Narrative Short Film // duration: 03:36

Gretchen at the spinning wheel (Austria) by Magdalena Chmielewska

What is pure imagination and what reality? Magdalena Chmielewska’s dream-like portrayals Gretchen’s spinning and brooding in her love to Faust make it nearly impossible to differentiate. Her love is a constant toing and froing between pure passion and panic desperation, between slowing down and accelerating – the principle upon which Schubert’s masterpiece rests. Made under the auspices of Michael Haneke at the National Film and TV School in Vienna Filmakademie Wien.
Music Videos // duration: 06:00

HIWA (Greece) by Jacqueline Lentzou

In Jay's Athens, the sun is weak. You can look straight at it, without getting blind.
Experimental Film // duration: 11:10

Train Man (United States)
by Alex Barsky
- European Premiere -

A social outcast makes a home for himself inside of a train car.
Animated Short Film // duration: 01:49

Karmaacount (Germany)
by Lukas Klaschinski
- Belgian Premiere -

A man is heading ruthlessly towards his goal and loses connection to what he once was: A child!
Narrative Short Film // duration: 01:06