February 11

Atomium (room Waterkeyn 2),
Atomiumsquare 1, 1020 Brussels

Free entry. Reservation optional:
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All films English spoken or subtitled.
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Flatland (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
by Alireza Keymanesh, Amir Pousti
- Belgian Premiere -

'Flatland' is a piece of video art made by two Iranian artists Alireza Keymanesh and Amir Pousti in 2017. It premiered as part of a group exhibition under the collective title Flatland. They intend to perform this piece live in an urban environment.
Experimental Film // duration: 14:35

The Lines (United States) by Kiku Ohe

Struggling LA actress Grace agrees to deliver a van cross-country to make ends meet. Alone on the road, she rehearses lines for an up-coming audition. Meanwhile actor Jimmy is escaping the city for the desert in an effort to research his new role. On their mutually solitary journeys, they travel into the isolation of the natural world, in search for a new and deeper truth. The Lines is a film for our times, a modern, visually stunning cinematic meditation that reinterprets the symbol of the American landscape. It explores a contemporary search for meaning and ultimately help how we connect with each other and the world around us.
Narrative Feature Film // duration: 01:08:00

Vecinas (Belgium)
by Natalia Sardi
- Belgian Premiere -

Partly autobiographical ‘Vecinas’ is the story of two solitudes brought closer by the laws of magnetism.
Belgian Competition // duration: 11:17

Orange Yellow (Portugal) by Pedro Augusto Almeida
- International Premiere -

Tiago still gets lost in the dreams of an unresolved relationship. The summer is ending, the friend's band will play live. Sofia appears to take some pictures.
Festival Focus: Portuguese Cinema // duration: 10:00

The Red (United States) by Ben Marlowe

An experimental film about the reverence of devotion.
Experimental Film // duration: 02:17

Song Sotto Voce (France) by Pierre Bessette

A young woman wanders the deserted expanses with a rolling suitcase. A father appears on her skin like a tattoo. A journey between two distresses where poetry is the only salvation.
Experimental Film // duration: 10:20

Different - Je Suis Différent.e (France)
by Ben Lemaire
- Belgian Premiere -

I came out as a transgender to my parents months ago. Before talking to them I was hopeful. I was terrified, but I was hopeful. Too much hopeful.
Narrative Short Film // duration: 02:20