February 11

Atomium (room Waterkeyn 2),
Atomiumsquare 1, 1020 Brussels

Free entry. Reservation optional:
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All films English spoken or subtitled.
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Half-life in Fukushima (Switzerland)
by Mark Olexa, Francesca Scalisi

Five years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Naoto Matsumura, a Japanese farmer ekes out a solitary existence within the radiation red zone. Here, the blowing wind is the soundtrack to Naoto's lonely days, spent cultivating his land and feeding his cattle. Naoto fights to build a new life in this post-apocalyptic landscape, fearlessly facing the silent danger of radioactivity. He is a guardian of the past and the symbol of humanity's need for a change.
Documentary Feature Film // duration: 01:01:00

A Story in the Diao ling Garden by Weiyu Wang

Animated Short Film // duration: 03:00

Through the supermarket in five easy pieces (Finland) by Anna Maria Joakimsdottir-Hutri

In this dance film a family tries to manage through the weekly grocery shopping without disintegrating. The moment they enter the supermarket the children go off in separate directions and the parents face the ovewhelming load of merchandise under the time pressure of a closing store. Will they be able to gather the supplies for existence and still come out of the store with all the children? The story is also a metaphor to the five classical elements earth, air, fire, water and aether, of how they strive into different directions but still keep together as one. 
Narrative Short Film // duration: 08:40

Stuff As Dreams (United Kingdom)
by Guli Silberstein
- Belgian Premiere -

In a world dominated by inability to know what is true anymore, news reporters broadcast from scenes of terror that may or may not have happened, family celebrates life in images that may be a dream or maybe not, and reality breaks apart and collapses into itself.
Experimental Film // duration: 05:52

New Camera (Portugal)
by André Marques
- Benelux Premiere -

Rafa is making a test with his new camera, Rui and Ana are picking him up.
Festival Focus: Portuguese Cinema // duration: 09:28

Fled. Lay. Fell. (Portugal)
by Bruno Carnide
- European Premiere -

FLED. LAY. FELL. When reaching adulthood, a young woman talks about her days within a dysfunctional family; her fears, wishes and frustrations. That lead her on an unwavering quest for a piece that stubbornly doesn’t come.
Festival Focus: Portuguese Cinema // duration: 03:00

Unexpected Discoveries (United States)
by James Mabery
- International Premiere -

A young fellow finds himself stumbling upon an ordinary flashlight that allows him to explore other places. Unexpected Discoveries reminds us to always be present. You never know what is around the corner or what is directly in front of you.
Animated Short Film // duration: 02:01

Tangled Bodies (Brazil)
by Frederico Evaristo
- Belgian Premiere -

It is a performance that talks about people connections.
Experimental Film // duration: 06:34

Black Sands (France) by Florence Girardeau

In a modern architectural complex, five individuals experience underground and physical connections, through their actions, manipulated objects or materials in motion. Transitions and fluidity befall despite or because of their loneliness. Then operates a shift from reality to strangeness, and the emergence of a mineral time, dreamed or remembered.
Experimental Film // duration: 13:05

C-5-11 (United States) by Edward Ramsay-Morin
- Benelux Premiere -

Matter and Energy, Mind and Spirit, Science and Magic.
Experimental Film // duration: 02:46

F L O C K (Portugal) by Luis Ales

Where a sheep goes, the flock follows
Festival Focus: Portuguese Cinema // duration: 01:46

Salt Skull (Belgium) by Manu Gomez

A salt stone carving in animation.
Belgian Competition // duration: 01:00